The 21st SPE Reservoir Simulation Symposium (RSS)
Posted by D Nathan Meehan July 16, 2010
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The Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) is the major professional organization for petroleum engineers. I have been active in SPE since the mid-1970s and it has been extremely valuable for me professionally. The meetings that SPE sponsors (often in conjunction with other professional organizations) are invaluable in sharing technology, career development and interaction with professional peers. The bi-annual Reservoir Simulation Symposium is a central meeting where the state-of-the-art in modeling the behavior of oil and gas fields. I wanted to share this information and encourage you to make submissions or consider attending! The 21st SPE Reservoir Simulation Symposium (RSS) will be held 21-23 February 2011 in The Woodlands, Texas, USA.

This Symposium is held once every two years. RSS is SPE’s premier meeting on Modeling Flow and Transport Processes in Porous Media. The symposium brings together leading experts from Industry and Academia. RSS has a strong track record of great contributions to the Reservoir Simulation and the wider Numerical Modeling communities.  Please consider participating in RSS 2011.

Please submit your Abstract online at
Click on the “Call for Papers” Quick Link, then Click the Green Button

Abstract Submission Deadline: 16 August 2010.  Upon acceptance of the Abstract, a Full Manuscript is required by December 13, 2010.  Please let me know if you have any questions about this meeting.

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Iman Oraki Kohshour says:

Hi Dr. Mehan

Thanks for sharing this post
I’m a grad student at University of Alaska Fairbanks and I am far interested in simulation. At the moment, I am giving full consideration for my attendance at RSS 2011. I am sure it will serve as an update and valuable information there for me to catch upon. Right now, I am planning to get some books reading before the RSS, like history matching and reservoir simulation. I hope I would be able to finish them prior to RSS for a full preparation.
Thanks again.
Have a good day
I look forward to seeing you in Woodlands!

Best regards

D Nathan Meehan says:

Great. The RSS is really the place for reservoir simulation practicioners and I am sure you will learn a lot as I always do.

Iman Oraki Kohshour says:

Exquisite gathering of practitioners and professionals brains and tools !

Emina says:

Hello Dr. Meehan,

I really hoped to meet you at RSS in the Woodlands. I attended all the presentations in your session but I could not see you as the chairperson of the session on 22.02.

The RSS was organized very well and I really enjoyed being there. It was worth flying from Europe to USA for 3-days. I am looking forward to attend the next one in 2013.
Hope to meet you at another meeting.

D Nathan Meehan says:

I am sorry that we missed each other but glad you enjoyed the show. I was amazed at the attendance. I was also very impressed by how far we have come with EnKF

Suhas says:

Hello Dr. Nathan
AS I read this blog since I select my dessertation project on RDM. This blog provides sufficient info but I want to know any case studies regarding development of reservoir. I’m Msc student of Petroleum and have keen interest in upstream projects.
Can you suggest in this regard.

D Nathan Meehan says:

I would definitely suggest that you consider posting this in the SPE Reservoir simulation TIG (Topical Interest Group)

They might be able to help; the more specific you are, the more likelier this will be useful. Good luck.

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