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There are many definitions of sustainability, but the 1987 United Nations Brundtland Commission’s remains a standard. “Meeting the needs of today without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” (WCED 1987) Some think oil and gas have little role in a sustainable future; global realities suggest otherwise. How is it that […]

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The first brief flight at Kitty Hawk in 1903 did not immediately make the Wright brothers famous; however, within 5 years, enthusiasm for the new technology began to spread around the world. Louis Blériot won a prize for flying over the English Channel in a heavier-than-air craft in 1909, and Charles Lindbergh won the USD […]

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Analyzing Waterflood Communication: In this month’s blog, Baker Hughes reservoir engineering consultants Shelia Marsh and Atul Kshirsagar contribute to the blog. I also appreciate Neil Meldrum and Edwin Jong’s input. One key to optimizing oil recovery and determining production potential of waterflooded fields is through reservoir surveillance. Geological studies alone cannot quantify potential increases in […]

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In this, the final of three blog entries about formation testing, I will cover the use of FTs for fluid identification and some advanced applications.  In a demonstration that Baker Hughes employees occasionally do to illustrate these capabilities at trade shows we will actually pour either Coca-Cola® Diet Coca-Cola® into the tool and differentiate the two based […]

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In the prior blog entry we discussed the tools and interpretation theory for formation testers.  In this entry we will talk about using FTs for a unique aspect of reservoir characterization that can only be done commercially during the drilling phase of a well and before its completion.  The next blog entry will discuss fluid […]

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The asset team responsible for optimizing the value of a field under waterflood doesn’t have the ability to change the existence of reservoir heterogeneities but must recognize them and properly characterize them in the static and dynamic models. They utilize the results of pre-existing reservoir monitoring data and recommend optimal data gathering to improve their […]

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Reservoir management is the application of earth sciences and engineering to safely optimize the recovery of hydrocarbons and associated materials from subsurface reservoirs. These reservoirs are rock formations that trap hydrocarbons and are primarily accessed by wellbores drilled from the surface. While crude oil and natural gas with its associated natural gas liquids are the primary commercial […]

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