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Consistent gathering and analyzing of the data relevant to waterflood performance is called waterflood surveillance and it has many forms. Simply measuring and recording phase rates and pressures is an initial step. Unfortunately many waterfloods rely on relatively infrequent well tests of individual wells to allocate production that is gathered and measured at any of […]

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I am going to take a small break from the continuing series of blog entries on economics and risk analysis to address a specific technology.  This is in response to multiple requests, so if there is a topic you want to address, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Wireline and LWD formation testing while drilling […]

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If you are reading this blog you have almost certainly aware of the current level of excitement and enthusiasm surrounding shales. Drilling campaigns for oil and gas in shale plays are underway around the world and production from shale plays represents a substantial fraction of domestic production.

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In this, the final of three blog entries about formation testing, I will cover the use of FTs for fluid identification and some advanced applications.  In a demonstration that Baker Hughes employees occasionally do to illustrate these capabilities at trade shows we will actually pour either Coca-Cola® Diet Coca-Cola® into the tool and differentiate the two based […]

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The Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) is the major professional organization for petroleum engineers. I have been active in SPE since the mid-1970s and it has been extremely valuable for me professionally. The meetings that SPE sponsors (often in conjunction with other professional organizations) are invaluable in sharing technology, career development and interaction with professional […]

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