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There is a lot more to this subject than is covered here in one blog post. Essentially this is what I think the petroleum engineer as an analyst needs to know. It is far from the level of understanding needed to calculate WACC and many of its applications. Conceptual Framework Several concepts of financial theory […]

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this graph shows npv versus cos for the drill and farmout case
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Evaluation Criteria and cash flow analysis Payout In this and some following blog entries, many of the common measures of cash flow are defined and illustrated.  Perhaps the most common economic measure and one of the simplest is “payout.”  Also known as payback time, it is defined as the length of time required to recover invested capital […]

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I joined the World Oil Advisory Board in 1996 while working for a large independent oil company. Each December World Oil (and my subsequent employers) have allowed me wide latitude to opine on technical, commercial and related issues that I think will be important to the industry. For this blog entry I have included this […]

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