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I recently had the opportunity to address a large group of materials scientists and engineers who work for Baker Hughes. I attended a few of their talks during the two-day conference and I was impressed with how complex and sophisticated the technologies involved are. While this blog is dedicated to reservoir issues I decided to […]

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In this, the final of three blog entries about formation testing, I will cover the use of FTs for fluid identification and some advanced applications.  In a demonstration that Baker Hughes employees occasionally do to illustrate these capabilities at trade shows we will actually pour either Coca-Cola® Diet Coca-Cola® into the tool and differentiate the two based […]

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In the prior blog entry we discussed the tools and interpretation theory for formation testers.  In this entry we will talk about using FTs for a unique aspect of reservoir characterization that can only be done commercially during the drilling phase of a well and before its completion.  The next blog entry will discuss fluid […]

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I am going to take a small break from the continuing series of blog entries on economics and risk analysis to address a specific technology.  This is in response to multiple requests, so if there is a topic you want to address, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Wireline and LWD formation testing while drilling […]

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