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For this blog entry I continue to quote from a White Paper prepared by Baker Hughes and available on our website. The complete paper can be obtained here. I will present it here in three parts. Minimizing risks with responsible fluids No regulatory body has documented a single case of fracturing fluid contaminating fresh water […]

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My first blog entry was “What’s a shale anyway?” and since then I have had a lot of interest from readers about a variety of shale topics. For this blog entry I have the interview I gave to AAPG Explorer that appeared in December 2010 issue. The article also quotes Scott Stockton. While the author […]

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The asset team responsible for optimizing the value of a field under waterflood doesn’t have the ability to change the existence of reservoir heterogeneities but must recognize them and properly characterize them in the static and dynamic models. They utilize the results of pre-existing reservoir monitoring data and recommend optimal data gathering to improve their […]

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