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This dummy valve is “smart” Gas lift is an artificial lift technology that uses gas injected (generally) from the surface through an opening in the production tubing to lower the density of the liquid column, allowing the well to be produced. In most modern completions, gas enters through one or more gas lift valves placed […]

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Auto Trak X-treme
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I recently had the opportunity to address a large group of materials scientists and engineers who work for Baker Hughes. I attended a few of their talks during the two-day conference and I was impressed with how complex and sophisticated the technologies involved are. While this blog is dedicated to reservoir issues I decided to […]

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Deepwater exploration, development and production present unique challenges to operators. Safe operations and protecting the environment are primary requirements. Minimizing risks and maximizing recovery are also among their top priorities. With average worldwide rig day rates remaining higher than $300,000 (drillships and semisubmersible rigs), there is no room for unexpected costs resulting from nonproductive time. […]

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Okay, so some of you have looked at my picture and said “What on earth is that thing in your hand?” It is a choke used in oil and gas wells. Chokes are usually used in relatively high-rate wells. They have reduced diameters compared to the tubing and/or flowlines and cause a pressure drop. As […]

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