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Analyzing Waterflood Communication: In this month’s blog, Baker Hughes reservoir engineering consultants Shelia Marsh and Atul Kshirsagar contribute to the blog. I also appreciate Neil Meldrum and Edwin Jong’s input. One key to optimizing oil recovery and determining production potential of waterflooded fields is through reservoir surveillance. Geological studies alone cannot quantify potential increases in […]

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Consistent gathering and analyzing of the data relevant to waterflood performance is called waterflood surveillance and it has many forms. Simply measuring and recording phase rates and pressures is an initial step. Unfortunately many waterfloods rely on relatively infrequent well tests of individual wells to allocate production that is gathered and measured at any of […]

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The asset team responsible for optimizing the value of a field under waterflood doesn’t have the ability to change the existence of reservoir heterogeneities but must recognize them and properly characterize them in the static and dynamic models. They utilize the results of pre-existing reservoir monitoring data and recommend optimal data gathering to improve their […]

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